Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run-Away Toyota Causes Spinal Cord Injury

A man from Louisville, Kentucky, crashed his 2010 Toyota Camry on January 29. A sticking accelerator pedal reportedly caused the crash, according to a Wave3 News article. Toyota recalled eight of its 2010 car models two weeks ago as the first step in solving this manufacturing defect, which has allegedly been causing sudden unintended acceleration.

The Kentucky man involved in the crash, identified as Todd Allen, had not heard anything about the recall before driving on the day of his accident, a Justice News Flash piece reported.

When Allen arrived at the hospital, he was alleged to have lost sensation in his legs. Emergency medical personnel suspected he might have suffered a spinal cord injury in the accident. Four people were in the Toyota Camry when the driver, Allen, was attempting to pull into a parking spot. The Wave3 report said that the accelerator pedal allegedly stuck, forcing the car to quickly accelerate, leading to the crash and subsequent injuries.


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  1. Such a shame that people have suffered spinal injury because of a fault in a car