Monday, February 7, 2011

Would that require rosemary or dill?

A 16-year-old boy Upper Chichester athlete who suffered a bruised spine in a high school wrestling accident will remain in the temporary custody of the county office of Children and Youth Services and Jefferson Hospital, a county official said yesterday.

The case of Mazzerati Mitchell was the focus of a several-hours-long hearing before county Judge Mary Alice Brennan. All sides declined to comment after the hearing, but county Solicitor John McBlain finally confimed the youth, injured in an Upper Chichester High School wrestling practice, will remain in county custody.

McBlain indicated the boy's parents, Jack and Vermell Mitchell, have until Thursday to determine if they will allow the hospital to move ahead with surgery on his back injury. The parents, who are believers in herbal medicine, have resisted the efforts of doctors at Jefferson Hospital.

McBlain indicated neurosurgeons at Jefferson and elsewhere remain resolute in the need for the surgery. He indicted the hospital has consuled with six neurosurgeons and all agree with the need for surgery.

Mazzerati remains in stable condition.

McBlain indicated that a decision will be made by Thursday by the judge. He said that no hearing has yet been set, awaiting whether the

Mitchells present the judge with information about other potential remedies.

If in the interim an emergency were to develop affecting the boy’s treatment, then CYS has the authority to make the decision, McBlain said.

But he stressed that at this stage that is not an issue.

“If by Thursday morning no second contrary opinion is received, then a court decision will be made as to allowing the surgery,’’ said McBlain.

The Mitchells declined comment after conferring with their attorney.

Another hearing to determine custody likely will be held in the future, McBlain said.


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