Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally Some Good News for Shed Man

Help is on the way for a paralyzed Hidalgo County man who has been living in a storage shed. Woodrow Reed lost his mobile home to foreclosure. A family saw his story and offered to help.

Estela Garza is donating a home. She says she knows it’s not a mansion, but it something she wants to share.

“This is my dad's house, and I just don't want it to go to waste,” she explains. “I'd rather give it away to somebody who is going to actually make use of it.”

Garza says she was trying to sell it.

“And I was like maybe God doesn't want me to sell it…. Maybe he wants us to give it to somebody that is in need,” she recalls thinking.

A friend told Garza and her husband about Reed, his fight with foreclosure, and his health battle.

That's when they decided to do something.

The house needs some work, including some new fixtures and some fresh paint. But the Garzas know Reed could use the place, and they want to him to have it.


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