Sunday, October 4, 2009

Psycho Stalker Who Paralyzed Model Gets Life in Prison

A man is sentenced to life in prison for shooting and then running over an Oakland Park woman with his car.

Allan Sinclair IV, 37, was convicted of attempted first-degree murder in June. A judge sentenced him Friday morning.Prosecutors said Sinclair planned to rape, kidnap, and kill Christine Kent. They said when Sinclair arrived at Kent's home in 2007 he shot her while she tried to run away and a bullet hit her spinal cord. He then came at her with his car.Kent faced her attacker in court. "All I saw was this huge tire coming straight at me. I screamed Allen, please don't run me over. I felt this pressure on top of my body, on top of my abdomen," Kent said.Kent was hospitlized for several months and now lives on government disability.


  1. I just learned about this on "I Survived". It's extremely sad. This man is right where he belongs.

  2. Prison is too good for him. He basically committed murder. This woman only survived by the grace of God. He has yet to arrive where he truly belongs. But he will trust me.