Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poor Poor Mayor, Denied Right to Squash Small Children with iBOT

The Magic Kingdom wasn't so magical for one Florida man over the holiday weekend, reported The Miami Herald. Myron Rosner, the mayor of North Miami Beach who also happens to be paraplegic, says he was repeatedly hassled by Disney employees over his high-tech wheelchair.
The 49-year-old Rosner, who was paralyzed in a construction accident, uses an iBOT 4000 wheelchair. Johnson & Johnson manufactured only a few hundred of these unusual items before discontinuing the product line earlier this year, said the Sun Sentinel.
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Myron Rosner and family
Rosner Family
Myron Rosner is seen here with his family at Disney World, seated in his iBOT 4000 wheelchair. The upright, two-wheeled configuration of the chair caused Disney employees to mistake it for a Segway.
Unlike most wheelchairs, the four-wheeled iBOT is able to tilt back on two wheels and lift the rider to eye level. And that's where the trouble started at Disney World, said the Herald.
At both the Animal Kingdom and Epcot parks, Disney employees approached Rosner and his family and insisted that he drop back down to four wheels. They cited a Disney policy that forbids the use of two-wheeled Segway devices inside the park, the Herald reported.
"I was totally harassed by Disney World," Rosner told the Herald. "It was a nightmare for my wife, myself and my four children. They gave me the impression I was not welcome here.''
Rosner was allegedly told that if he didn't drop down to four wheels, he would be asked to leave the park, said the Sun Sentinel. On principle, he refused.


  1. Since you didn't explain your provacative headline, I had to research on my own.


    "This was too much for the iBOT travelling towards it in balance mode and it decided to either topple over, or sit back down on 4 wheels as it is designed to do in this event.

    "Theoretically it would have 'stepped forwards' and sat down onto 4 wheels but Andrew was quick to grab the backrest and stop anything happening so we don't really know quite what would have happened!"

  2. I tried this chair a few years ago. My biggest concern was when it lost it's balance it would automatically collapse down to four wheels. That's good for the user but bad for any dogs, cats, knees, and small children that might be under or next to the chair.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK5uAeEV7tI&feature=related

  4. Being spoken to about one's chair is not harassment. It is an opportunity to educate others. Sounds to me like this guy has a bad temper wanting to make & claim insult against 'deep pockets'. Shame on him.

  5. I agree - must have been a hot day or maybe he is always a jerk

  6. Yes, he is always a jerk. I live in North Miami Beach, and believe me, that's an understatement!

  7. BTW, In case anyone didn't read the entire original article, check out this quote: "I'm not a dog. I don't want to be on all fours," he told the Sun Sentinel.

    How insulting! According to Rosner anyone who can't afford this chair must be no better than a dog? At least that's how I read it!

  8. Get a life Stephanie!!!!

    1. Fast forward to 2016: Your "hero" is now a convicted felon! http://www.votersopinion.com/2016/02/27/myron-rosner-chronicles-of-a-convicted-felon-chapter-1/

      Yeah, I got a life... And the last laugh!