Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MV-1 - New, First, and Only Accessible Vehicle

Incorporating the principles of universal design, the all new MV-1 is the first OEM designed and assembled accessibility vehicle that meets the demanding needs of both paratransit and taxi fleets.
The MV-1 is the most cost effective paratransit solution that meets the needs of both ambulatory and mobility impaired passengers. Built from the ground up to meet or exceed ADA guidelines with room for up to 2 wheelchairs, it outperforms the competition in virtually every category with no aftermarket conversion to compromise vehicle integrity.

The MV-1 is also the first purpose built taxi solution to deliver best-in-class passenger comfort and interior room for both the mobility disabled and the general riding public. Thanks to its body-on-frame design and tuned suspension, it is engineered to withstand the typical taxi duty cycle while delivering the riding comfort of a car.

The MV-1 has created a new class of accessible transportation. Introducing MV-1.

The world’s first, and only, Mobility Vehicle.
• Body-on-frame structure optimizes structural rigidity, durability, and reliability
• Rear-wheel drive Ford 4.6L 2V EFI V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission
• Front SLA suspension and independent rear DeDion suspension

• Low step-in and extra interior width allows for easy entry and exit for all passengers
• Best-in-class 36.4 ft3 luggage capacity
• Best-in-class 36-foot turning circle for superior maneuverability
• Best-in-class interior room, seating up to 6 comfortably
• Commercial driver’s seat for maximum operator comfort

• Meets or exceeds ADA vehicle guidelines
• Accommodates up to 2 wheelchairs
• 56” high and 36” wide access door
• Automatic or manual ramp deploys from under vehicle floor
• 1,200 lb. wheelchair ramp weight capacity


  1. I find your blog really worth reading, i will recommend this to my friends.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information! And it is good to know that car manufacturers are taking into consideration the needs of others, especially people with disability. With this vehicle, they will feel comfortable and at ease during long drives and trips.