Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stephen Hawkins Warns: Wheelchair Users at Greater Risk from Aliens

After years of sarcastically telling us that ET isn't going to come down and shoot us with his ray gun Mr Hawking has done an about face.

For years Hawking has told us how the Universe worked and in his spare time has watched science fiction movies. After a series of real life discoveries of super tough microbes Hawking would come into work stressed out that the science fiction writers knew more about the stars than he did!

After last weeks discovery of an Anaerobic Metazoan at the bottom of the Mediteranian Hawking has finally hit the panic button. There must be millions of species up there and its easy to see how cunning and greedy they could become when you take a look at Al Gore.

"They're especially after me, rants Hawking. With me in my wheelchair they can wheel me away, eat me for dinner and melt down my wheelchair for raw materials. They just can't get enough of my body," emphasised the learned Professor.


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