Sunday, June 6, 2010

Health Care Reform: Impact on Disabled

Insurance Market Reforms
  No Discrimination Based on Pre-Existing Conditions
  Lifetime and Annual Benifits Caps
  Temporary High-Risk Pools
Mandatory Health Plan Coverage Provisions
  Essential Benefits
  Limits On Cost Sharing
Home & Community-Based Services
  Community Living Assistance Services and Supports -CLASS
  Community First Choice Option
  Money Follows the Person
  Home and Community Based Services in Medicaid
Additional Important Changes
  Substantial Expansion of People Eligible for Medicaid
  Medicare Part D Donut Hole Gap in Prescription Drug Coverage
  Medicare Outpatient Therapy Caps
  Accessible Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  Elimination of Medicare First-Month Purchase Option for Power Wheelchairs
  Durable Medical Equipment Excise Tax
  Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding Program
  Medicare Coverage of Annual Wellness Visit Providing a Personalized Prevention Plan
  Comparative Effectiveness Research
  Training of Future Health Practitioners
  Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Programs
  Coverage of Anti-seizure, Anti-spasm, and Smoking Cessation Medications
  Data Collection and Analysis to Understand and Address Health Disparities


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