Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spinal Cord for Spinal Cord?

A judge in Saudi Arabia is considering paralyzing a criminal as a punishment. More than two years ago Abdul-Aziz al-Mutairi was attacked and paralyzed. He eventually lost his foot as a result of his injuries.

Paralyzing Considered Equivalent Punishment Under Islamic Law

The victim has implored the judge named Saoud bi Suleiman al-Youssef, to invoke an equivalent punishment, which is available under Islamic law according to Yahoo News. The judge began his research into the issue of paralyzing the criminal by calling area hospitals to find out if such an injury as a punishment is possible. At least one hospital declined, but another told the judge that it could be done, but that it must be at a different hospital.

Judges in Saudi Arabia often invoke an eye for an eye punishment. However, King Abdullah has tried to put a stop this type of extreme punishment. Right now Saudi Arabia is actually trying to modernize the country, but these types of old fashioned punishments seem out of sync with the modern world.

An Eye for an Eye?

One of the reasons the victim and his family are asking for the ancient type of punishment is because the attacker, who has not been identified, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, but he was released after seven months. Now, the attacker is a school teacher. Obviously this punishment seems too short. However, the punishment that has been requested is unbelievably extreme. The family of the victim is so committed to the attacker getting an eye for an eye type punishment, that they are willing to send the man abroad to receive the punishment.

If this type of punishment actually happens, it is against international conventions and standards for human rights. It is unbelievable. Of course the victim deserves justice, but this extreme request is way too far. Other extreme punishments have been carried out such as teeth pulled out for a criminal who had smashed out somebody else’s teeth. Also, a person was sentenced to blindness after causing another person to become blind. This is unbelievable -- seriously and completely unbelievable.



  1. God forbid anyone to be paralysed no matter the reason. This is too extreme.
    I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

  2. Very appropiate punishment. It just might awake people up and crime would drop dramatically!

  3. I have a spinal cord injury. And I have to say it definitely isn't an appropriate punishment in my opinion! it's just wrong on so many levels.

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  6. No one is above the law. But with all due respect to the victim,
    I think we should also consider the suspect as a human being as well and treat him like he deserves justice for himself.

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