Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wheelchair Dude Takes Down Bad Guy

Larry Skopnik pulls a Lenny Skutnik

A wheelchair-bound Vancouver man has been hailed as a local hero after CCTV footage of him helping to thwart a convenience story robbery made its way online, ABC is reporting.

Larry Skopnik, a paraplegic who broke his back a decade ago in an ATV accident, was shopping at a Food Stop franchise in Vancouver when a customer attempted to purchase tobacco with a counterfeit $50 bill. The Vancouver Sun reports that as the shopkeeper refused to take the bill, the man became angry and threatened to rob the store.

As seen in the footage, the man attempts to charge behind the counter, but Skopnik quickly rolls over and puts the man into a headlock before wrestling him to the floor. And while his brave act has generated international headlines, Skopnik shrugs off the attention.

"People have a perception about people in wheelchairs as being unable, when we're 99 percent able," Skopnik is quoted by AOL as saying. "There are only four things I can't do in life, and that's walk, run, jump and kick. Everything else, I'm totally able to do, and helping other people is one of them."



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