Friday, November 11, 2011

Wheelchair Access? There's an App for That

An online service that provides transit directions in several cities is now giving New Yorkers an option to avoid stairs.

HopStop partnered with Fit Pregnancy magazine to identify stations and routes that have elevators and other features for wheelchairs and strollers. In some cases, that could mean taking buses and avoiding subways. Or it could mean getting off the subway a stop or two early.

HopStop offers transit directions in more than 50 cities, mostly in North America. Travelers enter their starting location and destination just as they do when seeking driving directions at Google and other sites. HopStop then offers the best ways to get there by public transportation.

The stairless option is currently available only in the New York area. HopStop plans to add other markets this year.

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  1. That's nice to hear. This will help a lot of people who can't climb the stairs.

  2. This will be very helpful for people who find climbing stairs difficult. Will be a good news for pregnant women, handicapped people, etc.
    Nice sharing. Keep posting.

  3. Is this available in other areas of the world? Or just in the USA? Would be really great to see this all over the world.

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