Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gleeful Spinal Cord Injury Guy to Play Spinal Cord Injury Guy

Actor Zack Weinstein will be appearing in next week's episode of hit television show GLEE. What makes the appearance stand out is that, unlike Kevin McHale - who plays GLEE's wheelchair-bound character "Artie Abrams" - Weinstein faces disabilities on a daily basis. The actor became paralyzed during a canoeing trip in college. While he was left with only the use of most of his upper body, leaving him unable to use his hands or legs, Weinstein has fought to continue his dream of acting.

In a recent profile in the NY Post, Weinstein shared about his appearance on GLEE: "The part was written for a character with a spinal cord injury similar to mine. It's very well-written and truthful to what I've experienced." The actor adds, "Everyone on set was great, and I had a blast! It was 12 straight hours of filming two scenes for five minutes of airtime."

Fox describes the episode, "Rachel panics when a sore throat affects her singing; Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father); and Puck makes a strategic move to elevate his social status."

While Weinstein cannot discuss the specifics of his episode, the Post suggests that the performer might have a duet with GLEE star, and Broadway favorite, Lea Michele.

"The way it's written, there's a chance I could be called back," he adds hopefully.

"My goal is just to be a working actor - it's what I love to do." He paused and then said shyly, "And I think I'm pretty good at it, too."


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