Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your Top Ten List

Here's the official list of the Top 10 Things that Annoy People who use Wheelchairs:
1. Able-bodied people parking in accessible parking spaces 37%
2. Accessible bathroom stalls being used by an able-bodied person 12%
3. Talking over my head as if I'm not here 9%
4. Continuing to insist on helping me after I've said no thanks 8.3%
5. Congratulating me for things like going to the grocery store like it's worthy of an Olympic medal 6.1%
6. Strangers asking what happened to me 5.7%
7. Not inviting me to an event because you are protecting me from some frustration (let me figure it out) 5.3%
8. Patting me on my head. Don't. 5.0%
9. Holding on to the back of my chair so I can't move 4.4%
10. Speaking slowly to me because I'm in a wheelchair 3.5%


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