Monday, October 5, 2009

$2.2 Million For Incompetent Care - "Just Turn Him!"

A jury has ordered Westchester Medical Center to pay $2.2 million to a quadriplegic man who got horrific bedsores while staying at the Valhalla hospital after a car crash in 2005.

Eric Trainor, a 30-year-old former construction worker from Putnam County, was awarded the amount last month for pain and suffering, following a civil trial in state Supreme Court in White Plains.

His lawyer, Raymond Keegan, said the hospital's failure to turn Trainor every two hours during his six-week stay - and the failure of Dr. Francis Baccay to ensure that care - caused Trainor to develop "stage four" bedsores on his buttocks and lower back.
"They were all the way down to the bone," Keegan said. "They were huge."

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