Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is It a Bed or a Wheelchair? It's Very Slow Whatever it is

Moving patients between beds and wheelchairs can be physically tiring for both them and their carers. Now Panasonic have created a revolutionary robotic bed that will transform itself from one to the other.

The device converts smoothly from bed to wheelchair with a simple voice command from the user.  It automatically separates different components as it converts and is then moved around using a joystick on the right armrest.
Enlarge    Panasonic bed
A Panasonic employee demonstrates how the bed is converted into a moving wheelchair using voice commands

The developers hope the Robotic Bed will help people with limited mobility become more independent.

'Now, the user can join the family meal by converting the bed into a wheelchair and moving to the dining table without the need of assistance from other people,' a spokesman said.

The technology was shown to reporters at Panasonic headquarters in Osaka, Japan.


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