Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Psycho Stalker Who Paralyzed Model to be Sentenced

Christine Kent, devout Christian, one-time model, ski enthusiast, can no longer feel her legs -- but the pain persists.

As she adjusts to life in a wheelchair, Kent's cat is the only companion to hear her howl inside her Oakland Park house. Pain sears through her abdomen constantly. Painkillers aren't an option because she is allergic to drugs.
Despite the agony, she knows one thing: She could have died.

Two years ago, a stalker paralyzed her with a bullet to the spine but had planned to kidnap, cuff, rape, torture and kill her, police believe. Instead, Allan Sinclair IV shot Kent twice in her front yard, ran her over with his SUV, then dragged and hid her behind hedges.


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