Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Safe Sex But Still a Baby

A local couple is getting ready for their first child, something they never thought they'd see because of a devastating accident that left one man a quadriplegic.

Rob Wall is a quadriplegic, and his wife, Amanda, is six months pregnant.

"I can't wait," Robert said. "We are getting back to doing something that we were planning to do before this whole injury happened."

The Walls married in 2004 in Leesburg, Va., and less than a year later Rob broke his neck in a diving accident.

"I fractured the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrate and basically had no movement from my shoulders down," Rob said.

Dreams of having a family were shattered, or so they thought. I always wanted to be a mom. "I used to put little pillows in my shirt when I was like 8 and pretend," Amanda recalled. "A lot of my friends started to get pregnant around that time, and I was happy for them but not really."


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  1. Friends had babies when they were 8?